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Your hosts at Cocoa Cottage are dedicated to helping you discover the beauty of the island. With years of island life under our belts, we know who to call and where to find off the beaten track hikes through the rain-forest.. The criteria for choosing activities is different from person to person and we pride ourselves in our ability to help you find just the right thing to do each day.
At Cocoa Cottage you are a short drive from the starting point of many beautiful trails and lakes such as Trafalgar Falls, Middleham Falls, Freshwater Lake, Boeri Lake, Titou Gorge, Boiling lake and some superb canyons that can only be reached by ropes and are the ultimate adrenaline rush.


Cocoa Cottage is home to Extreme Dominica. Experience a safe but exciting way of touring the hidden depth of Dominica’s many spectacular canyons and waterfalls. Are you ready to rappel down waterfalls, swim through blue pools, hike over riverbeds using the natural environment as your adventure park? No prior experience necessary- It’s safe for anyone to try!
Diving and Snorkelling – Dominica is also one of the top five-dive destinations in the world. Dominica’s underwater world offers vertical walls, shallow coral gardens and unusual marine life. A short 20 min drive from the cottage and you are in Soufriere/Scott’s Head Marine Reserve and Champagne beach known for its bubbly volcanic gases, as well as Whale Watching trips all year round.