About Us

Cocoa Cottage is a home, a living art expression, organically evolving with time. No business plan, just the ways of the heart.
Inspired by nature and all that is around us, especially through connections with people.
We live constantly in awe to the natural principles that hold everything together in such a mesmerizing tapestry, and so we feel rewarded to be living here, it is as close as we can get to nature.

“Dear Iris, It took me a while to slide back into a paved world and I am still missing Dominica a lot and you too! Thanks for making our time on the island so unique. I do respect in so many aspects the energy and way you gave from your life to guide other people into an adventure with our ancient mother Earth! Thanks Iris, and we will meet!” Joanna

How to find us: We are located on the main road to Trafalgar falls. Look for our sign on the right hand side just three minutes ride after you turned to Papilotte road.

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Cocoa Cottage
P.O. Box 288
Roseau, Dominica, West Indies.
Call or WhatsApp: +1 (767) 316-8746.
Email us: cocoa.cottage.dominica@gmail.com

operated by O&T Green Ravine Inc.
Company number 2019/C0159, registered in Dominica
Taxpayer ID 1149696